Benjamin Kheng

Benjamin Kheng (born August 15, 1990) is a Chinese-Singaporean musician, actor, presenter, writer, and former national swimmer. He made his debut in the Singaporean band The Sam Willows, who made his debut into the industry back in 2012.


Wicked (錄音室母帶16/44.1, 升頻24/96)

來自新加坡流行樂團 The Sam Willows;身兼鍵盤、吉他的個性男主唱 Benjamin Kheng 帥氣單飛,推出全新單曲〈Wicked〉,略帶沙啞的嗓音著實令人著迷,立即點下載。

  • 錄音室母帶16/44.1,  升頻24/96

Find Me (錄音室母帶16/44.1, 升頻24/96)

前Sam Willows隊員,新加坡實力唱將 Benjamin Kheng 單曲,精彩的R&B作品'Find Me',強!

  • 錄音室母帶16/44.1, 以Weiss Saracon升頻24/96