Privacy Policy Privacy Policy respects the privacy of all users. Please read the’s Privacy Policy below to understand how collects, uses and protects the user provided personal information.

Collecting personal information

For browsing, there is no need to provide any personal information. Personal information is collected under the following circumstances :

User registration
When a user registers, asks user to provide information such as name, sex, year of birth, email address, etc. The registration cannot be completed and our service cannot be provided if such information is not provided. When providing certain services or products, may require other information like telephone number, address, personal interests, etc.

Participating in promotional activities including polling or games with prize incentives
When participating in promotional activities organized by or by its business partners, users may be required to provide their personal information without the need to register.

Advertisers and hyperlinks
Advertisers or hyperlinked websites of may collect personal information. They have their own privacy policies and's Privacy Policy is not applicable to the personal information collected by these advertisers or hyperlinked websites and will not be responsible for any consequences.
In addition to the above, keeps the records automatically generated by the server when browsing or making inquiries. Such records include IP address, duration of the visit, type of browser used, browsing and click records, etc.

Application of personal information applies the personal information to: provide the content, products or services requested by the user, contact user, carry out survey, improve services, distribute user newsletter. Except for the announcement of game winners, will not disclose the user's personal information.

Rights of using the services

After registration, user can login to’s User Account with the username and password that they have input in order to change their personal information.
If user wants to check the personal information provided, he/she can click to the hyperlink above or click here to contact us for assistance. After verifying the identify of the user, within a reasonable time, we will allow the user to check and alter his/her personal information.。

Sharing personal information with a 3rd party will not sell, exchange or rent any user's personal information to a 3rd party unless the user’s consent has been obtained or for the provision of product or service that the user requested or under necessary circumstances to share such information to assist the investigation or prevention of any illegal activity or as required under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

Delivering electronic mails such as user newsletters will distribute user newsletters with commercial messages to a user with his/her consent. The emails will be specified as a distribution by with an option for the user to cease receiving’s promotional email message.

Use of cookies

Cookies enable the website server to identify information of the user. Normally when a web page is browsed, the server cannot identify information such as whether the user has visited before or how many visits or how long the visit was. The server will write into the user’s hard disk via the browser when web pages are browsed. The next time when the server is requested by the browser to transmit a web page, the Cookies will first send the user’s identity information to the server. With the user’s visit information, the web page server can analyze the user’s preference and then take the actions or provide the information accordingly. writes and reads cookies on the visitor’s browser under the following situations:

- For the provision of better and more personalized services, and for the visitor’s participation in a personalized interactivies.
- For the studies of the website traffic and browsing method so to understand the web page performance and as a reference data to improve’s services.

If a visitor opts to refuse any cookies, certain personalized services may be unable to be delivered or to participate in certain activities. The visitor can alter the level of acceptance of cookies in his/her browser to accept all cookies, to acknowledge when there are cookies, or refused all cookies, etc.

Measures to protect privacy

The password of a registered user in is encrypted so that only the user himself/herself can access to and alter his/her account information and personal particulars. User is recommended to log out and close the browsing window after use to ensure no other party can access to the user’s account and personal information when sharing computer with another person or using computer at public areas like library and cyber café. can only access to the user’s personal information when it is necessary to communicate with the user or due to necessary works under reasonable circumstances.

Enquiry about Privacy Policy

If there is any question about’s Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us.