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Peace On Earth ピースオンアース ( Studio Master 16/44.1)

Peace on Earth is a Kitaro album of classic Christmas songs taken from cultures around the world. It was released in 1996 and reissued in 2011. Peace on Earth peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Top...

宋家の三姉妹 オリジナル・サウンドトラック(Studio Master 16/44.1)

---Studio Master 16/44.1

GAIA-ONBASHIRA(Studio Master 16/44.1)

---Studio Master 16/44.1

Mandala (Studio Master 16/44.1)

Mandala is an album by Kitarō, released in 1994. This is his first studio album for Domo Records. It was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1994 for Best New Age Album.
--Studio Master 16/44.1

Silk Road (16/44.1, Upsample 24/96)

Kitaro"Silk Road"
--- 16/44.1, Upsample to 24/96 by Weiss Saracon
---Buy whole album for $180
Only available to users from HK and Macau.

Silk Road DSD

Kitaro"Silk Road" ---DSD, 16/44.1, Upsample 24/96
--DSD 64, DSF, 2.8MHz
---DSD track price: HK$30/track
---Due to large file size, please be patient when downloading DSD files. Overseas user...
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HD DSMV Direct Studio Master
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