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Keita Tachibana (橘 慶太 Tachibana Keita) (born on 16 December 1985), also known as Keita (stylized KEITA), is a Japanese pop and R&B singer and dancer. Since 2000, he rose to fame as the lead vocalist from the boy band W-inds.. During that time, he briefly launched a critically successful solo career, and in 2012, has revitalized it again under a reinvented image.

アイガッタフィーリング ( Studio Master 16/44.1)

---Studio Master 16/44.1

エンジェル( Studio Master 16/44.1)

---- Studio Master 16/44.1

Nothing Lasts Forever( Studio Master 16/44.1)

錄音室母帶16/44.1 Studio Master 16/44.1

ホープレスプレイス( Studio Master 16/44.1)


Lonely Night (Studio Master 16/44.1)

w-inds.の橘慶太、12ヶ月連続ソロ・リリース第3弾'Lonely Night'本日配信 「新たなチャレンンジで攻めた曲」。1月におよそ3年ぶりとなる同名義でのソロ...

リブフォーユアセルフ( Studio Master 16/44.1)

w-inds.の橘慶太、12ヶ月連続ソロ・リリース第2弾「Live For Yourself」本日配信 「新たなチャレンンジで攻めた曲」。1月におよそ3年ぶりとなる同名義で...

ドントリーヴミーアローン ( Studio Master 16/44.1)

w-inds.の橘慶太、12ヶ月連続ソロ・リリース第1弾Don't Leave Me Alone 」本日配信 「新たなチャレンンジで攻めた曲」。1月におよそ3年ぶりとなる同名義...

FRAGMENTS (Studio Master 16/44.1)

2015 new mini album from KEITA.
--- Studio Master 16/44.1
---with cover pic and infos PDF


SIDE BY SIDE (Studio Master 16/44.1)

w-inds’lead singer KEITA releases his first solo album "SIDE BY SIDE".
--- Studio Master 16/44.1
---With cover pic.
--Buy whole album for HK﹩160.

I'll be There (Studio Master 16/44.1)

J-Pop Super group *w-inds‘ lead vocalist KEITA , releases his solo single "I'll be There".
--- Studio Master 16/44.1
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