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Roots Of Swing(Studio Masters 24/96)
Roots Of Swing(Studio Masters 24/96)

Pasadena Roof Orchestra

Pasadena Roof Orchestra Management

HifiTrack is proud to present the Pasadena Roof Orchestra’s new album“Roots Of Swing”in Direct Studio Master Version 24/96 form!For forty years the Pasadena Roof Orchestra, based in the UK, has delighted audiences all over the world with its mix of swing and hot dance music. Recorded 2007, “Roots Of Swing” is their latest release. It includes some Gershwin, some Irving Berlin, a ragtime, and also some new transcriptions from Ray Noble and his Orchestra - a broad range of music from the truly unique Swing era. Personnel: Duncan Galloway - (orchestra leader, vocals), David Ford - (trumpet), Ben Cummings - (trumpet), Stephen Shaw - (trombone), Oliver Wilby - (alto & baritone saxophone, clarinet), Dai Pritchard - (alto saxophone, clarinet), Robert Fowler - (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Simon Townley - (piano, vocal trio), Graham Roberts - (guitar, banjo), David Berry - (double bass, sousaphone), John Watson - (drums) Guests: Tom Langham - (guitar, banjo), Steve Kaldestad - (solo clarinet on Golden Wedding, vocal trio) Special discount :purchase the whole album has special discount , don’t miss it! (1 US Dollar appr. = 7.75 HK Dollars)