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Blue Skies (Studio Masters 24/96)
Blue Skies (Studio Masters 24/96)


Snip Records

InDuologue is a duo of voice (Alexandra Lerta) and bass (Vasilis Stefanopoulos) that play their own interpretation of well known jazz standards. It is described as a musical dialogue, that introduces you to an acoustic kind of jazz listening. “Blue Skies” shows InDuologue’s directness and purity of a duo make the songs very personal, almost as if it was directed to each listener personally. Alexandra’s petite voice complements Vasilis’ warm bass sound, resulting in refreshing interpretations of the songs and great dynamics. InDuologue presents outstanding musical quality and truly original interpretations of jazz standards. --Studio Master 24/96. ---WAV/FLAC ---With Hi Res Cover pic and inlay PDF.