Astor Sings Jolland (Studio Masters 24/96)

Astor Fong

Add Music International Limited 加音樂國際

WAV 24/96 Studio Master
FLAC 24/96

Please note: NO single tracks purchase for this album, you can only buy the whole album.
Astor Fong Sings lyricist Jolland‘s classics from the 80’s and 90’s.
Studio Masters 24/96, mastered by Greg Calbi. Don‘t miss it!
-- Studio Master 24/96
--Buy whole album for HK$260.

Favorite Song Length Format Price
1 Blue Moon [Editor's Pick] 5:21
2 Lunar Eclipse 3:54
3 Half Moon Serenade [Editor's Pick] 4:47
4 Rainy Night's Romance 4:35
5 Hard to find true love [Editor's Pick] 3:56
6 Day & Night 4:38
7 Love Replacement 3:56
8 Red Alert 4:51
9 Sadness of Rain [Editor's Pick] 4:34
10 Inaudiable Words 4:37
10 Inaudiable Words [Editor's Pick] 4:37
11 Heart In Red Like Wine 4:57
12 Belated Spring 4:55

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