Summer Samba (Upsample 24/96)

Bossa Negra


WAV 16/44.1 Studio Master
Upsampled WAV 24/96
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Upsampled FLAC 24/96

Buy 1 Get 7! For the price of 1 song(HK﹩20), now you can download all 7 versions of Summer Samba ”!The 7 versions include Mandarin version, English version. Radio Edit, Karaoke version etc...

This is the first time an authentic Brazilian bossa nova has been sung in Chinese and features the Singaporean singer Joanna Dong on vocals in Mandarin as well as ARIA nominee Jacqueline Gawler on the English tracks.

Bossa Negra is a musical concept created by producers Howard Lee and Sérgio Luiz Brandão with the aim of making Brazilian music accessible outside of Brazil without compromising the integrity of the music.

Giants of the Brazilian music industry were recruited to write the arrangements for “Summer Samba ” including Renato Fonseca (who toured with Djavan on keyboards), Luiz Brasil (whose arrangements have appeared on the albums of Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil & Gal Costa), Marco Brito (Ivan Lins’ current pianist) and Sérgio Luiz Brandão.

“Summer Samba ” was recorded in Rio de Janeiro Brazil in 2009 and consisted the crème de la crème of Brazilian musicians including the following Grammy winners:
---Armando Marçal - multiple recipient of numerous Grammys for his role as the percussionist of Pat Metheny’s band during the 1990’s
---Renato Fonseca - “Best Brazilian Song” received in 2000 for his role as the keyboardist and programmer on Djavan Ao Vivo album.
---Marco Brito - “ALBUM OF THE YEAR” & “Best MPB album” as the pianist for the album Cantando Histórias with Ivan Lins received in 2005.
---Other musicians include Cassio Cunha (Alceu Valena), Carlos Balá (Djavan), João Viana (Djavan’s son), Cesinha (Caetano Veloso), Pantico Rocha (Lenine) on drums, Luiz Brasil (Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa), João Castilho (Djavan, Simone) on guitars, Jesse Sadoc, Marcelo Martins, Aiduas Ayres (Joao Bosco) on horns, Marco Lobo on percussion, William Barton on didgeridoo, Aria nominee Jacqueline Gawler and “asian new talent” recipient Joanna Dong on the vocals.
---Special guests include Samba legend Tia Surica of Portela Samba School, Paulinho da Viola’s daughter Eliane Faria, Brazilian rock legend Evandro Mesquita plus Grammy recipient and Brazilian pop sensation Jorge Vercilo.

With the support of the Brazilian consulate of Shanghai, Bossa Negra made its international debut in the final week at the Shanghai World Expo 2010 with a series of performances at the Americas and the Greenland stage.

-- 7 versions in Mandarin ,English
-- Recorded in Brazil, analofue mixed in Argentina, ,astered by Greg Calbi of Sterling Sound
-- Upsample 24/96 by Weiss Saracon
-- with detailed cover and album art
-- all 7 tracks sold for HK$ 40. tracks not to be sold seperately

Favorite Song Length Format Price
1 Summer Samba [Mandarin] Extended version 3:00
2 Summer Samba [English] Extended version 3:22
3 Summer Samba [Mandarin & English] Radio Edit 3:01
4 Summer Samba [Karaoke] Radio Edit 3:02
5 Summer Samba [Mandarin] Extended version 3:21
6 Summer Samba [English] Radio Edit 3:01
7 Summer Samba [Mandarin & English] Extended version 3:22

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