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Ti-an-guis (Studio Masters 24/96)
Ti-an-guis (Studio Masters 24/96)


Snip Records

HifiTrack is proud to present you the 24/96 Hi-res recoding of Snip Records from Netherland. Snip Records is a record label presenting high-quality jazz, world and pop music performed by talented artists . The members of Ti-an-guis are from different corners of the world: Mexico, Brazil, Portugal and Croatia. Each musician selected music for this album, originating from his or her own cultural background or musical experience. As such, the creation of the album was a process of mutual collaboration. “Ti-an-guis”is an exciting World/Folk Rock album comprises different styles, with fresh and surprising interpretations of traditional folk music. Studio masters 24/96 WAV/FLAC directly from Snip Records' studio, a must for everyone. --Studio masters 24/96 --WAV/FLAC --With cover art and booklet PDFHifiTrack is proud to present you the 24/96 Hi-res recoding from Snip Records pf Netherland.