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Brazilian Essence 2016 (Eng Version) (Studio Masters 24/96)

Note: track 08 of Eng Version -Summer Samba (So Nice) (Samba de Verão) [extended mix] feat. Jacqueline Gawler is Upsample 24/96 from 16/44.1 file. All other tracks are Studio Master 24/96.

Bossa ...

Brazilian Essence 2016 (Chinese version)

Bossa Negra is a musical concept created by producers Howard Lee and Latin Grammy winner Sérgio Luiz Brandão with the aim of making Brazilian music accessible outside of Brazil without compromising ...

Bossa Negra (Studio Masters 24/96)

After 5 years in the making Bossa Negra have released their first album. This record was recorded 24/96 in Brazil, HK, Taipei, China and is the first ever Brazilian/Chinese collaboration featuring Bra...

Down Under (Studio Masters 24/96)

To celebrate Australia Qualifies for Brazil 2014 World Cup, Bossa Negra recorded “Down Under”for all
Brazilian Samba music lovers. “Down Under” in Studio Master 24/96 format, plus news rep...

Summer Samba (Upsample 24/96)

Buy 1 Get 7! For the price of 1 song(HK﹩20), now you can download all 7 versions of Summer Samba ”!The 7 versions include Mandarin version, English version. Radio Edit, Karaoke version e...
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HD DSMV Upsampled WAV 24Bit 96KHz
HD DSMV Direct Studio Master
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