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A Hong Kong based Duo vocal group, Andrew & Peter Cheung enjoys great popularity both in the Pop scene and in the Audiophile scene. Andrew & Peter Cheung’s lush harmonies are rarities in Hong Kong. Andrew & Peter Cheung studied computer and music in Canada before returning to Hong Kong. They have their own Records label and produce their own recordings and concerts.


Duet V (Studio Masters 24/96, 24/48)

《You've Got a Friend》 is Studio Masters in 24Bit 96kHz format. They are ORIGINAL MASTERS song files getting directly from the recording studios. There’s absolutely no dubbing, editing, transfe...

Duet IV (Studio Masters 16/44.1)

Nan Yin Master Au Kwan-cheung is among today's most important Nan Yin performers. Nan Yin is a Chinese style of storytelling which dates from the Song Dynasty, the words themselves are poems over a ...
HD DSMV Direct Studio Master 24Bit 96kHz
HD DSMV Direct Studio Master 24Bit 48kHz
HD DSMV Upsampled WAV 24Bit 96KHz
HD DSMV Direct Studio Master
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