Lowell Lo

Lowell Lo, Hong Kong famous singer, songwriter, film scorer and actor. Lu Guanting won the American Song Festival in 1977, and released his first album "Sky Bird" in 1983, which was a rare genre in Hong Kong music that year. He performed Cantonese songs in a Western vocal, which was different from the mainstream popular song singing in Hong Kong at that time. Lu Guanting composes countless pieces of music, and his wife Tang Shuchen arranges most of the lyrics. But occasionally he also cooperates with other writers, such as Lin Zhenqiang, Zheng Guojiang, Pan Yuanliang and Liu Zhuohui. In addition to publishing solo works, he often provides music for other singers, such as Alan Tam, Leslie Cheung, Xu Xiaofeng, Ye Dexian, Lin Zixiang, Chen Baiqiang, Luo Wen, etc. There are more than dozens of works of Lu Guanting's film soundtrack. Guanting Lu retired from the music industry in 1997 and signed to Universal in 2015 to release the album'Beyond Imagination'.


Beyond Imagination (Studio Master 24-bit/96kHz)

  • Studio Master 24-bit/96kHz
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