Hanjin Tan

Hanjin Tan is an award-winning record producer and songwriter, a trend-setting arranger and mixer, as well as an acclaimed singer who happens to be a show-stealer. Born and educated in Singapore, Hanjin debuted as a songwriter on Hong Kong artist Jacky Cheung's "No Regrets" in 1998, and has made more than 400 songs since. In 2004, he formed a music production team known as The Invisible Men with other devoted producers and arrangers including Alex Fung, Kenneth Tse, and Tim Ngoh. Later in 2007, he produced a song for international sensation Christina Aguilera and Korean pop idol, Rain, for a Pepsi Campaign. On March 20, 2009, Hanjin will be releasing "Raw Jazz", his debut Solo Jazz Vocal Album.


I Don't Beg (Studio Master 24/192)

Studio Master 24/192 !! Brilliant new songs from the wizard Hanjin Tan!
---Studio Master 24/192
---with cover pic

Who Is Hanjin(Studio master 16/44.1 Upsample 24/96)

Everyone in Hong Kong and Singapore knows who is Hanjin Tan. With a title asking "Who is Hanjin?", the album relates to the audience Hanjin's story as a musician in the last 10 years. Hanjin first made his name when he composed for Jacky Cheung in 1998, and since then he's become one of the most popular and reliable hitmakers on the Hong Kong pop scene.
"Who is Hanjin?"is Hanjin Tan's first solo Mandarin album. In this album Hanjin is responsible for all the music, lyrics, vocals, instruments, production, arrangement, recording and mixing. The 16 new songs are about his views on life and music.
--Studio master 16/44.1 Upsample 24/96 by Weiss Saracon
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Raw Jazz (True 24/44)

HifiTrack proudly presents Award-winning Asian record producer and songwriter Hanjin Tan’s solo Jazz album “Raw Jazz”. There are 2 types of “Raw Jazz” formats for you to choose from: the DSMV(Direct Studio Master Version) 24/44 WAV files and the Upsampled 24/96 files are that are upsampled from the DSMV(Direct Studio Master Version) 24/44 files using top-notch Weiss Saracon software. (*“Raw Jazz”was recorded in 24/44 format. We group it under 24/48 category, not starting a 24/44 category for it alone)

Hanjin Tan has worked with Jacky Cheung, Miriam Yeung, HOCC, Edison Cheung and international sensation Christina Aguilera, Coco Lee and Korean pop idol, Rain. In《Raw Jazz》, Hanjin sings 11 Jazz standards with a three-piece band, Jason Cheng (piano), Paul Candelaria (bass) and Skip Moy (guitar). "All songs were recorded in one-take, in the format of live recording sessions," says Hanjin, "to make it raw."

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