Eunhye Jeong

Eunhye Jeong is a top Pianist | Composer | Film & TV Composer from Korea whose works cross borders of cultures and genres.
She graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Film Scoring & Performance. She has been engaging in various musical activities in greater Boston area and others, ranging from Lunar New Year concert in Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, to the United Nations Headquarter.


Turtle Suite (Studio Master 16/44.1, Upsample 24/96)

Eunhye Jeong's first album “Turtle Suite” is released.The credit goes to wonderful musicians:
Songyi Jeon, Roberto Giaquinto, Chuks Okpu, Naseem Alatrash, Nayoung Baik, Dan Lay, Lihi Haruvi,Do Yeon Kim, Ashley Sung Yun Kim.
Music producer Albino: Jorge Mbie, Cover designer: Vladimir Lalic.
'Turtle Suite' is a musical story of a turtle, its birth and its life-long journey. It is originally written as a programatic suite for solo piano with seven chapters. Although primarily thoroughly-composed, it actively embraces the improvisatory element and spontaneity in music making process. And the Turtle Suite has been transforming itself ever since it was born.
It drew influences from jazz, classical and Korean traditional music. And the album Turtle Suite now features voice, string quartet, alto saxophone, and gayageum (Korean zither instrument), which creates deeper and broader soundscape.
--- Studio Master 16/44.1
---with cover and pic