Zheng Music((Studio Masters 24/96)

Luo Jing

Modern Audio 現代音像

●DMM Direct Metal Mastering
●5.6448 Mega Hz 1-bit WSD Digital Recording.
●Equipments used: Tara Labs The One LE interconnects, IsoTek Nova Power filter

Zheng, also known as Guzheng or Gu-zheng is a traditional Chinese string instrument. Zheng has a large resonant cavity made from wood . The earliest record of the zheng is attributed to the historian Sima Qian in
91 BC. The guzheng is the parent instrument of the Japanese koto, the Mongolian yatga, and the Korean gayageum.

Favorite Song Length Format Price
1 Fragrance of Jasmine 6:24
4 The Green Island Serenade (Zheng Quartet) 5:33
6 The Moon Rises(Zheng Quartet) 12:16
7 Fishing Boat in the Sunset 4:07
8 Autumn Moon over the Han Palace 4:55

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Luo Jing

Luo Jing is the Zheng soloist of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra since 2002. She started to play zheng at ten. She en... Read More