Heartbeat in Typhoon Nangka (Studio Master 24/96)

Chiu Chiu Music

Solitude Productions

Song: ​Heartbeat in Typhoon Nangka 


Artist: ​Chiu Chiu Music

Released Date: ​26 November 2020

Music Style: ​“Lo-fi” beats, Chill beats, Electronic pop, Ambience/ ASMR instrumental music, Indie, Alternative/ Experimental

Writer, Producer, Mixing & Mastering by: Chiu Chiu Music

• A “Lo-fi” chill beat with a soothing piano melody, backed by the sound of wind and rain hitting the windows.
• Typhoon Nangka (浪卡) audio recorded on 13 October 2020 when this typhoon hit Hong Kong.
• Mixed and Mastered with: 
    o Waves PuigChild plug-in which captures the distinctive nuance and harmonic detail of the vintage Fairchild 670 compressor from the vinyl days
    o Waves NLS Non-linear summer plugin, emulating three legendary analogue consoles used by Mark ´Spike´ Stent, Mike Hedges and Yoad Nevo.

Official MV:  https://youtu.be/DK0Of3EYfyc

2020 Copyright Solitude Productions Limited

  • Studio Master 24/96

Favorite Song Length Format Price
1 Heartbeat in Typhoon Nangka [Editor's Pick] 4:23

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