The Colors in my Heart--Chiu Chiu Music (feat. Frances Chiu 趙芬妮) (Studio Master 24/96)

Chiu Chiu Music

Frances Chiu

Solitude Productions

  • Song: 心中的色彩 (The Colors in my Heart)

    Artist: Chiu Chiu Music (feat. Frances Chiu 趙芬妮)

    Released Date: 24 September 2021

    Music Style: “Lo-fi” beats, Chill beats, Electronic pop, R&B, Cantopop, Indie, Alternative/ Experimental 

    Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Producer, Mixing & Mastering by: Frances Chiu 趙芬妮 (Chiu Chiu Music)

  • 包含著名作家C. S. Lewis1994年之收音機廣播錄音

  • With C.S. Lewis' original radio recordings from 1944 (The copyright of these recordings belongs to C. S. Lewis)

  • A “Lo-fi” chill beat, with dynamic movements in stereo mode
  • Mixed and Mastered with: 

    • Waves PuigChild plug-in which captures the distinctive nuance and harmonic detail of the vintage Fairchild 670 compressor from the vinyl days

    • Waves NLS Non-linear summer plugin, emulating three legendary analogue consoles used by Mark ´Spike´ Stent, Mike Hedges and Yoad Nevo

    • Sonible smart:comp that finds the parameters for well-balanced compression results, ensuring unparalleled transparency through frequency-selective processing

    • Fabfilter professional audio plug-ins

  • Studio Master  24/96

Favorite Song Length Format Price
1 The Colors in my Heart [Editor's Pick] 3:14

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