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Song      Artist      Album is the first high quality music download website for audiophiles in Greater China and one of the few pioneers in the world, it was first launched in 2008 targeting the CAS (Computer as Source) and mass audience. HifiTrack is now partnering with over 40 local and international, major and independent music labels to offer HD digital music file pay-per-download service to our users from all over the world. The digital music available on is in high resolution WAV and FLAC formats including "Direct studio master", a music file that is made directly available on from the studio with no extraction or processing for the end users to buy and download, and for the audiophiles' pursuit of the ultimate hi-fidelity and music enjoyment. Among them are state-of-the-art 24 bit/96 kHz and 24 bit/48 kHz song files. We also provide a lot of upsample 24/96 WAV / FLAC music upsampled with Switzerland's top audio brand Weiss' Saracon to provide a superior quality of the music that CD cannot provide. In addition to these, we also carry DSD files.

Music Powerhouse is founded by a team of experienced, visionary and enthusiastic digital music specialists in Hong Kong. We embrace the transformation brought by technologies to the music industry. By applying the latest technologies, we strive to develop innovative applications, creative music business models and new commercial opportunities.

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HD DSMV Direct Studio Master 24Bit 96kHz
HD DSMV Direct Studio Master 24Bit 48kHz
HD DSMV Upsampled WAV 24Bit 96KHz
HD DSMV Direct Studio Master
flac flac File Format